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Rialto Recruitment exclusief Belgische partner van IMSA Search Global Partners Ons wereldwijd Executive Search netwerk

IMSA Search Global Partners


IMSA Search Global Partners, founded in 1991 is a global association of established, owner managed, executive search firms registered in
Zurich, Switzerland. Today we have 28 offices in 25 countries.Through our network across the globe, all meeting together at a bi-annual conference to discuss international recruiting projects, we provide our clients global presence with the ability to customize search projects according to their local needs.

As a closely-knit, cooperative network of leading executive search firms, IMSA offers clients worldwide resources for identifying
and recruiting premier, senior-level executives.

A key feature of all IMSA Search Global Partners Offices worldwide is the professionalism and trust between all partners working together to identify the best professional executives, nationally and internationally, to enable your business to reach its strategic and operational targets.

Our membership enables us to provide support for our clients’ international projects from the project planning phase through recommendation to a partner firm to coordination throughout the entire project scope.

Our offices worldwide:

Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America.

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Why Rialto Recruitment joined our IMSA network?
 New IMSA Movie: The Change
Empathy and leadership style: a close connection
According to the 2020 State of Workplace Empathy research, 91% of CEOs say their own company is empathetic, but only 68% of employees agree. Such a gap may be a problem. But how to fix it? Let’s start with teaching leaders empathy. Here are some ground rules.
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The culture of trust. How do we build it ?
The only thing more complicated than creating a trust culture in your company is developing it while working remotely. Nevertheless, leaders need to join forces and introduce more trust in the work environment ASAP.
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Best recruitment tools for assessing your candidates.
A growing number of companies use different test systems, cases, and algorithms in their recruitment processes. IMSA Denmark (Brinch & Partners) has analysed various assessment tools used to recruit new employees. Which are the most reliable?
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Two golden rules of meaningful management.
Scientists imply that soon we will fight against a mental health tsunami” related to unanticipated death, burnout and unemployment. To avoid future problems, leaders need to introduce meaningful management to their organisations. There are two main steps to achieving this.
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A Bright Future for the Remote Workplace.
Pre-pandemic, the movement toward remote work was happening gradually over time with the development of new communications technologies and virtual collaboration tools. Some companies were accommodating on a limited basis teams with members in different locations, and workers who needed to work from home for personal reasons, while others were intentionally pursuing remote capabilities as part of a new, more efficient business model. And then came COVID.
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Maintaining Company Culture a Year into the Pandemic.
It’s been a full year since the start of the pandemic. For one year we’ve been working from home; virtual meetings have become the new normal; and staying connected with one’s co-workers has been challenging. According to Gallup’s Health and Well-Being Index, adults reported struggling with stress and worry, particularly those working from home while caring for children. Unmarried adults reported increased loneliness. And organizations that rely on team cooperation and innovation faced new challenges.
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NextGen Leadership Isn’t Next … It’s Here and Now.
Great leaders provide great leadership. Sounds obvious, but in fact, effective leadership is significantly impacted by the environment in which business leaders find themselves operating at specific points in time. In an era of 24/7 global connectedness, today’s great leaders must motivate and manage a workforce impacted by rapidly advancing technologies, constantly evolving social values, and the realities of economic inequality, pandemics, and climate change.
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